The Children's House cycle includes a child's Kindergarten year. This year is the period of time that a child's earlier experiences and skills consolidate, are internalized, and become a permanent part of his or her understanding.

Children entering their Kindergarten year have finally become the leaders of the community. Their confidence soars while they model everything from academic work to socially appropriate behavior to their younger friends.



A Kindergarten child's development borders the characteristics of the next level, elementary. They have a burning desire to socially connect with peers and move on to larger and deeper academic work. They help guide the decision making of the class and become strong contributors to their growing community.

Our classrooms are well equipped with materials that overlap the elementary level and are specially designed to capitalize on this magical Kindergarten year. Children learn at their own pace and develop according to their personal potential.


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All-day program

Before and after care available

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Follows District 112 School Calendar

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