JMS is the fourth montessori school our son has attended, and it is by far the best school we have gone to! It is authentic montessori education. The staff are so kind and nurturing and the children and parents are so friendly! Hands down, it’s been our best school experience ever!
— Christy F., parent

It is wonderful to see my children thrive in the environment that is warm and friendly. We have transferred to JMS after my oldest child graduated from another Montessori school and we moved. My youngest has started in the Toddler Community and I couldn’t believe the level of independence she was able to achieve in just 4 short months before transitioning to the Children’s House! My middle child is completing his third year as a kindergartner and the leap he made in learning is astounding! Everything has come together for him in his final year. He has blossomed into a confident leader who inspires his friends by modeling positive attitude, eagerness to learn and compassion to help. I am so pleased that all three of my children are part of the Montessori community as either current students or an alumna. They always get compliments for their manners and calm demeanor wherever we go, even though their personalities are very active.
— Katerina M., parent

Justin’s first year at the school was also Randi’s first year! He was just under 3 years old. (Making his graduating kindergarten class the first class that went to JMS that was taught by Randi from start to finish). Marissa was 2 years behind him, and her kindergarten year was the year the Worm Barn burned down.

My kids LOVED their Montessori experience, and even now 30+ years later, talk about the things they learned. Both the life skills (chopping carrots, pouring water, cleaning up after themselves) and educational opportunities (fractions, the movable alphabet, the maps, the pink tower and brown stairs, music).

It was an enriching and life changing event/time for our entire family. An investment that we ALL were happy we made. We feel so fortunate!
— Sherry F., parent

Having my son at JMS opened my eyes to what children can do, given the tools and the trust. The environment cultivates self-confidence to be eager to learn. Sounding out words at age three, learning decimal system at four, moving on to long division in Kindergarten - the Montessori philosophy is absolutely amazing.
— Rose G., parent

We have sent two children to JMS and have loved it since day one. The teachers do an amazing job of introducing structure, processes and responsibility to the classroom. I was blown away by the culture, the environment, and how the Montessori Method is applied. It has developed leaders in each of my children. And the new building was perfect for them to grow and develop in. Enrolling my children in JMS is absolutely the best thing I have done; they are confident, strong & smart. I am thrilled with the school and how my children are developing academically and as people.
— Lee K., parent