The First Year

Three and Four Year Olds…

Develop familiarity, routine and comfort with the new environment, peers and adults

Practical life exercises form the basis for their independent work

Work with very concrete concepts such as quantity and phonetic sounds

Begin to take responsibility in care of self and environment


The Second Year

Four and Five Year Olds

Older children act as mentors and younger children provide an outlet for practicing leadership

Become active partners in their work

Able to self-direct their learning

The Guide/Teacher begins to step back as the child begins to step forward


The Third Year

Five and Six Year Olds

Child’s overall development will appear to equal or exceed that experienced in the previous two years

Learning through teaching

Mentoring young children

Possess patience to stick with lessons that are challenging

Growth is evident as children learn to make choices

The following qualities emerge: Patience, Problem-solving, Concentration, Leadership, Resilience, Adaptability, Curiosity, Independence, Self-Confidence


Hands-on Learning Experiences

Young children take in a tremendous amount of information from their environment with what Maria Montessori called "the absorbent mind." Our program at JMS provides enriching hands-on learning experiences with specially formulated Montessori materials for:

Mathematics | Languages | Sensorial Exploration | Practical Life | Art | Science | Geography