JMS Board of Directors

HEAD: Eric Heinz, dad of Henry & Joseph

CLICK HERE to learn about the governance of JMS.


JMS Committees

Community Engagement Committee

HEAD: Julie Krohn, mom of Kellen & Ollivan

This committee meets the third Thursday of the month via conference call, and much of the work is accomplished via email. The Community Engagement Committee organizes the monthly meet ups, volunteers for the Annual Garage Sale & classroom parents. Their goal is to create a welcoming, community-atmosphere at JMS by increasing parent engagement.

Facilities Committee

HEAD: Nolan Beron, dad of Nora & Elsa

The Facilities Committee meets once a month, on the 3rd Tuesday, typically from 6:30 to 8 p.m. They address any issues from big to small regarding the building and the grounds of the school. They take care of maintenance things; changing light bulbs and cleaning gutters (they love to get volunteers to help for things like this!)  They also tackle larger projects like replacing doors, replacing faucets, or installing shelving. This could mean a parent contacts a contractor for this work and assist that contractor in completing the work. Let Nolan know if you're interested in joining the committee.

Fundraising Committee

HEAD: Sara Harwood, mom of Benjamin & Cora

This committee oversees Jazz for JMS!

Marketing Committee 

HEAD: Rose Gildor, mom of Henry & Arlo

This committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at select adult beverage-serving locations. They closely manage the relationship of current number of students with their marketing efforts. From advertising, PR, open houses and online & phone inquiries - the marketing committee has the duty of getting a positive word out about JMS to prospective parents and maintaining its good community member status. 


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