Jonathan Montessori School is proud to be an authentic Montessori school.  We provide care for children ages 6 weeks - Kindergarten.  However, we are not a daycare, we are a school.  Our admissions process is different in many ways compared to a traditional daycare.  

Schedule a Tour and Parent Observation (without children)

All interested parents are required to take a tour of the school, meet with the Head of School, and observe in our toddler and primary programs before submitting an application.  You will need to schedule these with the Head of School in advance.  Tours can be at a seperate time than the observation.  The best time for a new family to truly see what their child will be apart of is between the hours of 9:00am - 10:30am M-F.  While it is best to schedule your tour during those hours, a tour can be scheduled outside of the ideal hours  Observations can only be scheduled between 9:00am - 10:30am.  


Application for Admission

The Application for Admission can be filled out and submitted online at any time but will not be reviewed until after the Parent Observation and meeting with the Head of School.  

Child Visit

After the Application for Admission has been reviewed, the school will contact you to set up a Child Visit.  This visit will be with the Head of School and one of the AMI Montessori Guides from the program you are applying your child for.    

Admissions Decision

An admissions decision will be made within a week of the assessment.  Many factors contribute to the decision of acceptance of a child.  The most important is the match of the family’s and the school’s educational goals for the child.  It is our goal to maintain the integrity of being a true authentic montessori program by maintaining gender and age balance within each Casa (environment).  The commitment from the family to having their child complete the full montessori cycle here at JMS by attending the Kindergarten year is a vital piece for JMS to be able to provide the best montessori experience for each child in the our program and best for each individual child’s education.  

The first round of acceptance takes place the last week of February.  Acceptance letters will be mailed March 2nd.   If the letter states the acceptance of your child/ren there will be further instructions on how to complete an enrollment agreement online and to submit the non-refundable per family deposit fee by the designated date.  Once the enrollment agreement has been signed and the deposit paid, your child’s placement is held.  An annual tuition agreement will be created and each family will choose how they would like to pay the annual tuition.  If the enrollment contract and deposit are not received by the designated date your spot will be forfeited to the waiting pool.  Depending on availability of space, additional rounds of acceptance will take place the middle of each month.  


Once the enrollment contract, deposit fee, and annual tuition agreement have all been completed you will be allowed access all required forms for registration.  These forms are available online, are required by licensing, and must be submitted by designated date.  

Phase-in & Orientation

All children are required to go thru a phase-in week.  The first week for all children is a gradual build up to the child’s full day.  The phase-in schedule is spread out over 6 days with the first day being a 30 minute visit, one-on-one, with his/her guide.

If your child is starting at the beginning of the year the phase in week is the last week in August, the week before school starts.  If your child begins any time after the start of school they will still be required to participate in a full phase in week building up to each child’s full day.  This schedule may look different depending on which program the child is entering.  

If your child starts at the beginning of the academic school year it is mandatory for all new parents to attend a New Parent JMS Orientation and Montessori 101 meeting at JMS.  If a child starts any time after the school year parents are required to schedule a JMS orientation and Montessori 101 meeting with the Head of School.  

The child’s phase-in schedule will be created once all forms have been turned in.  


If you would like to schedule a tour or have any questions about our program or admissions process please call JMS or email the office at