Casa II News

Dear Casa 2 Parents,

Graduation and new beginnings

With only a few days left of school, every moment that we spend with the children becomes that much more special.  We are holding onto every smile, every kind gesture, every struggle the children have because it is these moments that we cherish as children depart JMS for the summer or to begin their transition into their next school.  The bonds that have been created this year are strong enough to withstand any break from one another, but I encourage each family to make it a priority to help set up play-dates long after we dismiss on June 8th.  The relationships that I’ve built with each child are ones that I hold very dear to my heart, and I am hopeful that our relationships will continue well beyond graduation day.  Once you are a Casa 2 family, you are forever a Casa 2 family.  Please stop by with your child any time to visit and let us see how much they have grown.  It is always fun to hear stories about their new school and to hear how happy and confident they are in their new environments.  Seeing a child’s love for learning continue over the years is my greatest joy as a teacher. 

We congratulate our graduates- Alex, Anna, Arav, Ava, Finn and Henry- as they embark on their next journey!  This is an emotional time of year, and every year is just as hard as the last.  This year Casa 2 will also say “farewell” to other children who are moving or changing schools.  As difficult as it is to say goodbye, it is exciting to know that the children are prepared and ready to enter their new schools with confidence.  For all families leaving JMS this year, please know that you and your children are forever a part of our JMS community and you are welcome to visit any time you’d like!  As always, THANK YOU to every family for sharing your child with us this year… we have certainly enjoyed having them in our lives!

On the last day of school, we will have the graduation ceremony at 10:30 am to honor the 2017 graduates.  Families of the graduates are invited to attend, and the rest of the children will also attend as part of their school day.  School is dismissed for ALL children at 12:00 noon on this day, and we hope to see you at Lion’s Park in Chaska for our end-of-the-year picnic.  Please stop by even if you cannot stay long.  It is nice for the children to have this special time together before departing for the summer!  As always, be sure to contact the office if you have any questions.

Q: How can I best help my child during their time away from school this summer?

A: Even though many children will not have the Montessori materials to work with over the summer, there are still many things you can do to give your child a solid education over the ten weeks they are away!  How many can you check off this summer??

- Read to your child EVERY DAY (or have your child read to you if they are reading).  Join the public library and take part in a summer reading program.  Remember to be a reading role model!

- Sign them up for an activity (Tae kwon do, t-ball, swimming, theatre, music, art, etc.).  During the school year isn’t always the best time to have children in extra-curricular activities because they are already spending so much time at school and can be physically and emotionally drained by the end of the week.  The summer is typically less busy and can be a great opportunity for your child to try something new!

- Give your child EXPERIENCES.  Go camping.  Go fishing.  Go to a play.  Visit a historical landmark.  Go on a nature scavenger hunt.  Plant a garden.  Involve your child in the planning process of these exciting activities!

- Set up play dates with other families, especially those from JMS, so your child can continue strengthening relationships with their peers.

- As much as possible, maintain a consistent schedule.  Children of this age group thrive with consistency and knowing what to expect in the days ahead.

- Limit screen time.  This is the gorgeous weather we’ve been waiting for… let’s take advantage of it!!

- Sign your child up for some of our summer camps at JMS!  It’s great to have children back throughout the summer, and they love seeing their JMS friends from all of the casas together in one classroom!  There is still space in these classes… contact Katya if you need another registration form!

Need more ideas to keep everyone not only “busy,” but also entertained and educated this summer?  Click on the following links for 100’s of activities!

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On the Calendar        

Friday, June 2nd -- 5:00-7:00 potluck picnic at Lions Park for all JMS children and families

Thursday, June 8th -- Last day of school – Kindergarten graduation

                                   10:30 ceremony for families of graduates; 12:00 dismissal for all students

Friday, June 9th -- Staff workshop day

Monday, June 12th -- Summer school program begins

Sunday, June 18th -- Father’s Day

Please keep in touch at any time over the summer- I would love to hear from you!  I will be checking my e-mail and am available for contact- so please reach out!  My summer will consist of teaching summer camps at JMS, preparing for our August wedding, and completing the many house projects I have started! 😊 May you all have a safe and happy summer vacation.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to spend my days with your child.  I will miss the laughter and chatter while we are away this summer!  I wish you all a fun-filled summer as you create many new memories together!

Taryn & Mindi