Casa II News

Dear Casa 2 Parents,

What a busy couple of months!  We would like to welcome three new families to Casa 2!  Neve, Hudson and Mathias are already getting settled in- connecting with peers, learning the ins and outs of a new school, and receiving lots of presentations.  Please welcome their families to JMS if you see them in the halls!

“When I grow up…”

We had such a great time making our item for this year’s silent auction!  We spent time discussing MANY career options, and the children showed great interest in finding out more!  Each child chose one career they would like to have when they “grow up.”  From firefighters to doctors, accountants to civil engineers (and everything in between!), these children are going to make a difference in the world!! We took photos of each child and put together a beautiful frame.  Please join us at the Pancake Breakfast tomorrow morning and take a look at it!  I will be running the Cake Walk… be sure to stop and say, “Hello!”

Arrival times

This is a friendly reminder that our arrival time is between 8:30-8:45 each morning.  With several new children, Mindi and I must give everyone our full attention once the school day has started.  If you arrive after 8:45, kindly wait down at the front desk and a JMS staff member will escort your child to the casa.  We know that there will be mornings when you might be running late, and that’s ok!  We all have mornings like that!  However, once your child arrives to school, they no longer need to rush to get ready.  Having the cubby room within our casa allows children as much time as they need to get ready for the day.  This time of day is important for children, as they are already very independent in getting themselves ready for school.  And for those who still need some help, Mindi and I will always be there to help them!  We understand that it can be frustrating when you are running late, but it’s best not to rush your child once you arrive.  Rather than changing their shoes for them, we wait and give them the time they need to get ready.  It’s a better start to the day to give children the time they need to begin on a positive note.

If you have something that you would like to discuss, let’s set up a time to talk via phone, email or meeting, if necessary.  We are there during arrival time to help the children with anything they may need, and while we LOVE to see you and interact in conversation, we really want this time of day to be about greeting the children and helping them start their day as soon as they arrive.  I am available by email anytime at and I will reply as quickly as I can if there is something you would like to talk about.  Feel free to write a quick note, too, and I can give you a call as soon as I am able.  We appreciate your understanding and acknowledgement of arrival times, and we will always be here to help your child once they are at school. 😊

Student Teacher

You will see a few new faces around JMS next month!  Gillian, a student teacher from the Montessori Center of Minnesota will be sharing three weeks with us during the month of April.  The children have already met her because she did a one-week observation in January.  She is very sweet and we are looking forward to getting to know her more!  Gillian and I will both be giving presentations.  While this time is for her to gain experience with presentations, rest assured that Mindi and I will both be there every step of the way! 

Casa 2 playdate!

Many of you already know, but there is a Casa 2 playdate planned for Saturday, May 13th!  Each of you will be receiving an invitation in the mail from a previous parent (please let me know if you DO NOT want your address shared).  Eva and Lee are previous JMS parents and they are so kind and generous… when they found out that I was engaged, they wanted to celebrate with JMS families who have been in Casa 2!  There is nothing I would love more than to have many of the children I have spent time with all in one place!  More details will be sent to you, but please join us for a casual gathering in May before we depart for the summer!  Of course we will still have an all-school picnic, but this gathering is specifically for Casa 2! Erik and I will be there and we are looking forward to seeing all who can make it!

On the Calendar        

Thursday, March 23rd             ‘Wear your favorite Jersey’ Day!

March 24th – April 2nd             NO SCHOOL: Spring Break

Tuesday, April 4th                    Field Trip: Gale Woods Farm

Wednesday, April 12th         Class Picture Day

Friday, April 14th                     NO SCHOOL

Saturday, April 29th                 JMS Garage Sale

Saturday, May 5th                   JMS Fun Run

Saturday, May 13th                 Casa 2 playdate!


We wish you a wonderful spring break and safe travels to all those who are venturing out! 

Taryn & Mindi