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Dear Families,

I can’t believe our school year has passed by so quickly and until the end we have kept ourselves really busy! We have been enjoying outdoors more now that the weather is so nice. We are very excited and grateful for our amazing garden and patio! It’s truly wonderful to see all the work Mr. Pete is doing, rain or shine he is out there working in the garden, and the children truly see him as a real hero!! A huge thank you to all our family volunteers, you make a huge difference, and we are very fortunate to have you at JMS!

The students will continue to be busy this week and next, practicing for the graduation, repeating work as much as possible and enjoying time with friends as well.

The children have worked so hard and brought so much joy to us in their own unique ways. It has been a pleasure having each one of them in our Casa; their individual accomplishments continue to inspire us every day. We wish wonderful new experiences to all of the children, especially to the graduates and their families on their new journey….. Your presence will be greatly missed!


  • Tuesday, May 31st - Game day, send your child’s favorite game to school.
  • Wednesday, June 1st - End of the Year Friendship Fruit Salad: your child may bring his/her favorite fruit to make our fruit salad.
  • Thursday, June 2nd - Graduation ceremony at 10:00 am. Families of the graduates are invited to attend the ceremony. ALL children are dismissed at 12 pm. Please join us for the End of the Year Picnic right after at the Lions Park.


As the end of the school year approaches, some parents become concerned about the transition from one level to the next. Whether your child is moving from the children’s house to elementary or from elementary to middle school, these suggestions may ease the transition:

  • Meet the teacher. Children can become stressed when they don’t know what to expect. Meeting the teacher may help waylay fears by answering some of your and your child’s questions.

  • Find out if the school allows children to shadow students. By shadowing an older child, your child can see what the class is like, how it functions, what to expect and ask any questions. This can dispel some anxiety.

  • Discuss concerns, some points to specify: some friends will remain the same; some material will be the same, new friends, etc.  And that everyone involve wants your child to be successful.

  • Share with your child your own experiences. How you felt during a time of change (starting school, new job…..). By relating your experiences to your child they may feel less anxious.

  • Write a good bye letter with your child for your teacher. This will help your child reflect upon the good things and provide a sense of closure.

These suggestions may help your child handle the special issues that arise during transitions and in making a smooth transition. (From P.E.N. vol. 1, Number 1)

Have a lovely and healthy summer break,

Maria & Jenny

“Through new education, we must enable children to grow up with a healthy spirit, a strong character and a clear intellect, so that as adults they will not tolerate contradictory moral principles but will gather human energies for constructive purposes. ” - "Peaceful Children, peaceful World."