Casa II News

Dear Casa 2 Parents,

We had a lovely first week back to school after spring break, and the children have been busy sharing stories of their spring break adventures!  From traveling to shopping trips, playdates to family sleepovers, it sounds as though everyone had a great time!  I am not sure how we got here so quickly… but it’s already APRIL!

Spring Cleaning: why it’s important.

The holiday season has come and gone and- if you are anything like me- you might be looking at all of the “stuff” that has accumulated over the previous months.  Both at home and within the classroom, I am feeling the urge to cleanse myself of unnecessary items.  There are many benefits of spring cleaning from both a physical and a psychological standpoint.  Spring cleaning helps eliminate dirt and dust that can lead to illnesses such as allergies and asthma.  This is especially important when you have young children in the house, as they sometimes mouth objects and continuously play on the floor, breathing in dust particles from the carpet, rugs and blankets.  

Winter can take its toll on the psychological well-being of all of us- both adults and children.  We’ve been cooped up inside, trying to stay warm, with little to no sunshine on some days.  My to-do list grows longer every day during the winter, and I can never seem to get everything accomplished.  Spring comes at just the right time, and with it brings renewed energy, lighter spirits and sunnier days.  During this time of renewal, we can choose to physically let go of all the things we don’t need anymore.  Throw out items you haven’t used in five years (even if you “might” use them one day!).  Donate whatever you can for someone who will use it NOW, and forget about the “some days.”  Open up the windows and let the fresh air and the sunlight fill your home.  

It may seem difficult to eliminate unnecessary items when your child might want to play with a toy or read a book “just one more time.”  With less clutter, fewer ripped books and toys with missing pieces, your child will be able to help put their belongings away and could even become more responsible in taking good care of their most special items.  Parents often ask me how we get the children to put away their work when they are finished.  I would say that’s actually the easiest part of our day!  “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  -Benjamin Franklin/Isabella Beeton/Samuel Smiles.  The more organized a child’s environment is, the more independent they will be in helping to maintain that environment.  Here is an article I found that gives a few tips on spring cleaning and how to help organize your child’s environment at home.  There are also hard copies available outside Casa 2; please take one!  Happy Cleaning!!

Spring Cleaning as Brain Food.” by P. Donohue Shortridge.

* While you are going through your home, if you come across items that you would like to remove in your decluttering process, please consider donating them to the JMS garage sale!  We will take items on Friday, April 29th… which is also our spring Parent Night!  Donations and volunteers welcome!!

Lifecycles of Living Things

We have been busy discussing the lifecycles of all living things this week, most notably the lifecycle of a butterfly.  We received a generous gift a few months ago which included a butterfly garden and a voucher for live caterpillars!  Now that the temps are rising, it’s finally time to order them!  Next week, our cup of live caterpillars will arrive.  Together we will feed them, observe their growth, witness the forming of chrysalises, and watch as they become adult Painted Lady butterflies!  Once the temps are consistently above 55° F, we will set them free in our courtyard!  The children are very excited to learn all about the lifecycles of living things, and to witness it all first-hand in the Casa!

Work Folders

When children complete work in the casa, they are proud and excited to bring it home to share with their families. To help preserve their works from tears and wrinkles, we provide each child with a work folder for transportation to and from school. The folders are clear with white stripes. When your child brings work home, please help them to remember bring the folder back as soon as possible. They should certainly share this responsibility with you! It might help to put it back in the their backpack right after removing the work so they always have it available at school. Thank you for your help with this!

On the Calendar    

Monday, April 11th       C.S. (Montessori student teacher) begins in Casa 2

Friday, April 29th        Parent Night

                                   Drop off items for garage sale

                                   Usborne book fair

Saturday, April 30th     Jonathan Community Garage Sales – including JMS!

We are looking forward to a wonderful spring with your children!  Please continue to send cold weather gear until temps are more consistent.  They can always leave jackets, hats and gloves in their cubbies if it gets warm!  Rain boots are very necessary, as our playground has wet areas during the spring.  

Thank you for helping your child be comfortable during outdoor play!  

Have a great weekend!

Taryn & Mindi