Casa I News

Dear Families,

Welcome to February 2016! Jennie and I can hardly believe how January has gone by so fast. The children seem to be adjusting quite well to the Casa structure and back to their regular routine.  We have seen a lot of repetition of new work as well as social interaction with the older children. They seem serious and calm when engage in their work and active curious when interacting with each other.

It’s lovely to see the strong foundation of the returning children. They try to set a good example and are very considerate with the younger children. We as adults learn so much from them and Jennie and I feel very fortunate to have them in our Casa!

 We also notice lots of spontaneous interest for reading and writing. It’s wonderful to see some of them trying to sound out words and surprising themselves when they are able to read words they find around the Casa. They also enjoy labeling the properties of the environment such as soft, bitter, rough, etc. We will continue to guide and encourage each child respecting their own interest and capabilities. 


  • Please be so kind your child arrives on time. It helps them feel part of the beginning of our day as well as less interruptions for the children already working. 
  • Thank you to all the families for bringing in snack list supplies. We realize this takes extra time out of your already busy schedules and we are very grateful.
  • Please stop by and sign up if you wish to read to the children during Friday Reading Time.
  • Feb. 12th Valentine’s day Celebration.
  • Feb. 27th Jazz for JMS
  • March 4th and March 8th Conferences

Spanish Vocabulary:
Febrero …………………….February
Amor ……………………….love
Amistad …………………..friendship
Amigo/amiga …………friends

Maria and Jenny

“Of all things Love is the most potent.” - Maria Montessori