Casa II News

Dear Casa 2 Parents,

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of the parents who were able to make it in for conferences this week!  It is such a fun time of year for us as guides to be able to share all of our observations with you!  We appreciate you coming in to hear all about your child, ask questions, and give feedback!

Ants, Ants and more Ants!

Have you heard that ants are one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size (20x their weight)?  Or that queen ants can live up to 30 years- the longest of any insect?  Or that ants were first discovered 130 million years ago- when dinosaurs roamed the Earth?!  Thanks to a special gift given to us this week, the children have been reading books all week about the interesting lives of ants!  We now have an ant habitat in our casa and the children are enjoying watching the ants digging tunnels!


Thank you for sending warm clothing with your child each day!  Just a friendly reminder that we will be going outside to enjoy Minnesota’s weather every day- unless it is raining/sleeting or below zero degrees.  Children must have the proper clothing to play outside each day to prevent illness, or worse- frostbite!  Now that winter is upon us, please be sure that your child has the following items every day:

  • Warm winter jacket
  • Snow pants
  • Winter boots
  • Socks
  • A hat (not just a hood)
  • Waterproof mittens or gloves
  • A neck warmer (better than a scarf to prevent choking)

If you prefer to leave your child’s snow pants here each night, just let us and your child know.  That way they can hang dry over night and do not get left wet in backpacks.  It is also one less item you have to remember in the morning!  It is important that children have their own items to wear each day.  We DO have some extra clothes, but we have limited sizes and a limited supply.  Every time a child borrows clothing, we wash it afterward.  Please remember that we did recently have a case of head lice reported, so it is important that children always wear their own hats.  Please check your child’s hair often, as wintertime is the most common time of the year for head lice to spread.  Check your child’s hats and other clothing, and launder them periodically, please.  TIP: If your child leaves the house dressed for the cold (hat, mittens, boots, etc.), then you will KNOW they are prepared to play outside every day!  Sometimes we think gloves are in the backpack, but they aren’t.  It’s best to wear these items to school to be sure they have them each day!

If you’ve ever been in our cubby room while the children are getting dressed, you might have noticed about 17 pair of black snow pants and 34 black mittens!  We do our best to keep the children’s clothing separate, but sometimes they do get dropped on the floor and it is difficult for the children to tell them apart.  Please LABEL any winter items that you can (last name or initials work, too) to help make sure your child’s clothing is always available to them.  Thank you for your help- Mindi and I both appreciate it! ☺


We have noticed that many children are unsure where their take-home work folders and parent communication folders are.  Please send back ANY clear (or clear with white stripes) JMS folders that you have so we can see who is missing one and we will get them replaced.  Each child should have one take-home folder to bring finished work home from school, and one parent communication folder for any letters to go home for parents.  Any time a folder comes home, please return it in your child’s backpack the next day.  We will make sure everyone has two folders, as these are important communication tools for our school.

Parent Night

On Friday, December 9th, we will be hosting our first Parent Night of the year!  Please sign up for your preferred time slot (4:00-4:45 or 5:00-5:45 pm) via an email invitation from the office.  This is one of the best nights of the year- the children LOVE showing you their favorite materials and introducing you to their friends!  This evening is also an Open House for prospective families, so please invite anyone you think may be interested in seeing the school!  The Open House is open until 7:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Weekly Snack Sign-Up

We have a few weeks for snack sign-up that haven’t been filled.  We ask that families sign up for at least two or three weeks to help off-set the cost of daily snacks for the children.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please let me know if you could help cover any of the following weeks:

  • December 12-16
  • December 19-23
  • Jan. 30 – Feb. 3
  • February 6-10
  • April 24-28
  • May 15-19

We appreciate your help in providing healthy snacks every day!

On the Calendar    

Thursday, December 8th    No AM Kindergarten bus    

Friday, December 9th        Parent Night & Open House

Friday, December 16th     Kindergarten Field Trip: Feed My Starving Children

Thursday, December 22nd      Pajama Day

Dec. 23 – Jan. 2, 2017        No School: Winter Break

Tuesday, January 3rd        School resumes

We had a wonderful time at our annual Thanksgiving Feast last week!  Thank you to all of you who helped by bringing in ingredients!  Please take a look at some of this month’s photos- the children did a great job of preparing the feast for their classmates!  Because this is the last Casa 2 newsletter for the 2016 year, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday season and safe travels to all who are visiting family and friends around the world!  THANK YOU for a wonderful fall season with your children!

Taryn & Mindi