Casa II News

Dear Casa 2 Parents,

Orchard Adventures!

Our October field trip to Deardorff Orchards was definitely one to remember!  For some children, this was their first experience on a school bus-  I think I can speak for everyone when I say they had a great time! The children learned how to correctly remove apples from trees (by twisting rather than pulling), how trees are pollinated by bees, and how the apples are collected and sorted.  They had the opportunity to taste a fresh apple and got to bring home fresh apple cider.  Each child was able to pick five apples from the orchard, feed farm animals, and hear the story of Johnny Appleseed.  They also got to plant an apple seed to bring home and wear great JMS field trip t-shirts!  It was such a memorable day and the children are still talking about it!  Please take a look at the photos posted this month from the field trip!

Welcome New Friends!

We are so happy to announce that three new children began in Casa two this month!  Welcome Kainoa, Casper, and Melita (returning from last year).  Please take a moment to welcome their families to JMS!  We also welcome Sara Sarpong to JMS this week!  The Sarpongs are previous and current parents of children who attend(ed) JMS and we are excited to have her in Casa 2 during our lunch time every day!

We have also had a large number of families contacting us from previous years to see if their child can visit… we LOVE to see children who have graduated from Casa 2 when they return to read to us, have lunch or just stop in to say hello!  Relationships built at JMS can last a lifetime! 

Brrr… please send warm clothes!

You’ll hear me say this until springtime, but please take an extra moment to look at your child’s clothing each day before they head out for school.  With the changing temperatures, we want to be sure every child is prepared to go outside every day.  Each child needs outside shoes or boots, a heavy coat (not just a sweatshirt), a hat and mittens.  If it is warm, we can always leave the warm gear inside! Though it may feel warm, it does get quite chilly when we are outside for a half hour- especially if the wind is blowing!  We have a few pieces of extra clothing to offer children who do not have warm clothing, but we do not have a lot.  If you go through your child’s clothing this fall/winter and you find some items which no longer fit, please consider donating an item to Casa 2’s extra clothing bin!  We are in need of pants (boys and girls; all sizes), sweatshirts, gloves and hats.  Every time a child wears a piece of extra clothing it goes into the wash that day so it is clean for anyone else who may need it.

Packing lunches

Lunches are looking great so far this year and we’ve seen a great variety of healthy foods coming in their lunch boxes!  During the lunch routine, the children are excited to be able to set up, eat and clean up independently and it has become a very relaxing, conversation-filled part of our day.  We’ve noticed that many children are bringing containers that they cannot open by themselves.  At times, this serves as a great opportunity for peer support, as they go to one another for assistance when they cannot open something.  We help show ways of opening these containers, including the use of jar grippers- which have become a favorite among the children! At other times, these containers can become the source of much frustration when a child really wants to open their lunch independently.  Please take a moment to look at your child’s lunch box and see if they can open the containers themselves.  If not, you may wish to send something more child-friendly to help build the confidence and independence that they are searching for.  If not, of course the adults are always available to help out, it’s just something to think about!

Also, just a friendly reminder that we provide milk and water each day to all of the children (unless, of course, we’ve heard from you and your child has special restrictions).  Please refrain from sending chocolate milk and juice to school in lunches.  The milk and water are available every day and the children have never once complained that milk or water are their only options!  They all love being able to pour themselves a glass of milk or water from the pitcher!


I cannot believe it’s already this time of year, but conferences are just around the corner!  Please use the sign-up sent via email to choose the time that works best for your family.  The week prior to your conference, you will receive a conference form from me which tells of some of my observations and notes on your child’s development.  Please take a look at this form prior to our conference time so you can bring with you any questions that you may have!  We will meet for approximately 20-25 minutes and you will be able to see some of the materials your child has been working with. 

The week prior to your conference, we are also inviting you to come in and observe your child in action!  Some children have acclimated very well to the new year and will likely do just fine with you in the room- others may not be able to continue their work with you in the Casa so it would be in your child’s best interest for you to observe from the one-way window in the hallway to ensure you get a true, accurate picture of your child during the work cycle.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this! I am excited to sit down with each of you in a few weeks to discuss your child’s development thus far!

On the Calendar        

  • Sunday, November 6th - Daylight Savings Time ends – Set your clocks back!  
  • Tuesday, November 8th - Picture re-take day
  • Election Day
  • Saturday, November 12th - Wine Tasting fundraiser
  • Tuesday, November 22nd - Thanksgiving Feast
  • Nov. 23rd – 28th - No school (Conferences on the 28th) 

Discussions this month included topics such as migration, hibernation, trees losing chlorophyll, and harvesting the last of our fruits and veggies from the garden outside… it sounds like some of the children are already excited for- and are preparing for- winter (yikes!).

Taryn & Mindi