Casa III News

Dear Casa III Families,

Welcome back! It has been amazing how quickly the children are finding their routines and settling into their daily activities.

Lately, we have been working daily on what we call “grace and courtesy” presentations.  These are some of the most important work we will cover all year. Grace and courtesy are presentations that help and encourage the children to interact respectfully with other children and the environment.  There are a great variety of lessons ranging from “how to walk in our environment”, “how to eat lunch with a friend” and “how to get someone’s attention”.  We present them in a fun and dramatic manner and always involve the children. These grace and courtesy presentations are essential because they give the necessary tools that are needed in order to live in a peaceful community.   

While the presentation itself usually lasts only about 5 minutes, our hope is that these learned skills are carried out for much longer.  A beautiful example of this was shown to me just a few days ago.  A younger child was having a hard time putting on his shoes, so an older child offered help putting on one shoe and encouraged her friend to try to put the other one on by himself.  The younger child had a big smile on his face, and, unconsciously this act of kindness allowed for a bond between the two children to be formed.  While I have never shown this child the specific grace and courtesy lesson “how to help a child to put on her shoes”, our older friend independently was able to identify a situation and created her own grace and courtesy lesson on “to care for another member of our community”.

Also, as the days get cooler, please make sure you send your child with the proper outdoor clothing. We try to take advantage of the nice weather and spend as much time outside as we can!

Important:  Please be aware we have a child with a severe fish allergy, so for this reason please do not send anything that contains fish in your child’s lunch.

Thank you for such a great start to the year and I hope you enjoy your week.