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Toddler Community News

We did it Families!!

We completed what will probably be the most challenging weeks of school for all of us! As parents you all did a wonderful job of making your children’s arrival and separation as easy as it could have been. Seeing your child cry (sometimes very intensely) and walking away from them can cause anxiety in the best of us. But as the days went by, and as they changed their shoes at their cubbies you could see them remember something from the previous day that they really enjoyed…like, “Oh yeah, this where I get to paint!” or “There are the vehicles, the ones with the school bus and police car!” or “I want to help make the snack again today!” It is a joy to watch!

For most of the children in our community this year, this is their first experience being part of a group and being separated from parents. Already we can see compassion for each other as one child hugs another who is crying, helps clean up a spill, or shows where they can find what they’re looking for- usually the watering can! Each child benefits from these interactions: the one who needs help receives it and feels comforted and the one who provided the help feels pride and joy. Their sense of community and confidence will grow stronger as they discover how important they each are to our daily lives together. Maria Montessori saw how a child’s independence, confidence, and joy grew when he/she was able to engage in purposeful activity that benefits them personally or the community: learning how to do snaps, set a table, wash their hands, water plants, etc. She identified children’s need to have purpose, just as adults do. It feeds our souls!

“…the activity of the child has always been looked upon as an expression of his vitality. But his activity is really the work he performs in building up the man he is to become. It is the incarnation of the human spirit.” - Maria Montessori

The children will continue to have many “firsts” over the coming weeks. We will keep you informed through the daily information sheets that go home. Always feel free to contact me either through email at or a phone call.

Dates and Details to Remember:
-- September 14: The children begin wearing underwear at school (if they aren’t already)
-- September 15: JMS Annual Meeting

Please remember to bring in sunscreen for your child if you’d like them to have it. We’ve stayed in the shade a lot, but we will venture out on some walks soon.

Lynn & Amy