Casa III News

Dear Casa 3 Families,

We are all so excited to be back to school! It has been so nice to see all the returning faces and the new ones as well.

The children seem to be adjusting quite fast. Every day we notice less and less tears. In order to help your child adapt to all of these new schedules and transitions, I encourage you to create a routine and try to be consistent. It would be nice if your routine could start the night before, making sure your child goes to bed early so he/she can get a good night sleep and be well rested the next morning. I also would like to recommend waking up early enough so your child does not feel rushed when they come to school. All of these aspects plus some positive interactions might ease the separation and also set your child up for a successful and happy day!

On a different note, parents frequently ask me why their child replies "nothing" to the question "What did you do today?" So, I would like to explain why it is common with pre-school aged children. Your child does a lot throughout the day, but your child’s accomplishments cannot often be held in the hand or seen with an eye. Their day is so busy that it might be difficult for them to answer such a “broad” question. They may need a few reminders to help them recall some more specific experiences. Young children are most of the time in the present moment and may not want to recall details about their day, but just enjoy being with you again.

It is important to keep in mind that a child’s most important work is not always related to a specific material from a shelf. Creating and maintaining relationships, acting out of kindness, being patient and developing self-control, taking care of oneself and the environment, all of these require a lot of effort and energy. The children in our casa are always building their character and trying to process, understand and internalize the world around them, but they cannot always verbalize it the way we would like to. They are doing so much challenging work! But they do not yet see their actions and successes as separate from themselves.

Dr. Maria Montessori strongly believed that the child reveals himself through his work, not through his tangible successes and accomplishments. Every experience a child has is internalized and becomes a part of his very being. She said “The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.”- The Absorbent Mind.

So please try not to worry when your child tells you he or she did nothing all day because by "nothing" they might mean everything!

Here are some sample questions you can ask your children to hopefully get some more information about their day. Please try not to overwhelm them by asking too many questions at once!

· What was the best part of your day?

· What work did you take from the shelf today?

· Did you eat snack today? Who did you eat with?

· Did you wear an apron today?

· Did you help someone today? Did someone help you? How did you feel?

· Did you sing a song? Do you remember some words?

· Did you go outside today? What did you do there?

· Did you help with a responsibility? (Activities children independently choose to beautify our environment). 

I hope this helps! I am looking forward to a beautiful school year. Feel free to email me with any concerns at


Sharon, Willow, Kasey, Maria