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Casa III News

Dear Casa III families,

We have had a wonderful time in our casa! As the end of the school year approaches you can totally see how all the work that we have done during the year consolidates. The children are very independent, they have created beautiful relationships and they are so compassionate for each other. For instance, as many of you already know, we have a new child in our casa. Children spontaneously offer help to assist this child snapping his raincoat, putting on his sweater or tying an apron. They even say things like “oh, I remember when I couldn't put my shoes on“ or “I remember how I used to cry when I first started.” They offer hugs, tea, to read books or even give presentations in order to help their friend feel better.

Children are also choosing very challenging work, which allows them to reach high levels of concentration. You can see in their faces how proud they are of themselves and how happy it makes them feel to accomplish something that fulfills their inner need to learn and master a specific skill. The beauty of it is that this is not to please us or make us adults proud, but only for their personal satisfaction. What a wonderful thing this is!

We are truly looking forward to seeing you at the family picnic on May 29th. I personally enjoy this event very much! It allows us to spend some quality time to share, get to know each other even more and also say goodbye to some of the families. I hope many of you can make it!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sharon, Willow and Maria.