Casa II News

Casa 2 parents,

What a joy it has been to get outside and enjoy the beautiful days we’ve been having!  With the outdoors comes two important things to think about: wood ticks and sunscreen.  We do our best to help the children check for ticks after playing outside, but of course we cannot guarantee that your child will not come home with a wood tick.  We encourage parents to check your children every day- especially those who go home at noon since they have just finished on the playground and have not likely been checked yet.  Please help us by checking each day, and we will do the same! 

We apply sunscreen each day before we go outside, unless you signed the form at the beginning of the year requesting that we forego this for your child.  In this case, be sure to send a hat and a light, long-sleeve shirt to help protect from the sun.  If you have a specific brand that you’d like us to use, please provide a bottle.  If, however, you do not have a preference, then it’s easier for us if we just use what we have here.  We’ve got plenty to get us through the next month (unless you have a specific brand).  Thanks for helping us keep the children safe!


New child in Casa 2

Please help me in welcoming Melita and her family to the JMS community!  We have had a few great weeks with her and look forward to many more!


Transitioning Toddlers

You may have heard the excitement about a friend we’ve had visiting from the toddler community!  As children show signs of readiness for the Children’s House, toddlers have the opportunity to begin transitioning into the casas, which provide a more stimulating, developmentally-appropriate environment for them.  In Casa 2, we have recently begun a new “Big Brother, Big Sister” approach to help new children become comfortable in their new surroundings.  Thank you to this year’s two graduates, who have done a remarkable job of showing our new friend around Casa 2.  It has been a great joy observing them as they go down to the toddler community to invite her and bring her back to Casa 2- where they’ve been busy giving her presentations, helping her with snack, and inviting her to work with them.  This has undoubtedly helped make this a smooth transition for her, and has been a great opportunity for our “Big Sisters” to show us their leadership skills! J  Next year, each graduate will get this same opportunity either with transitioning toddlers or new children as they come to JMS.  They are very excited about this!  Our class is looking great for next year!!  Almost all children will be returning, and we will have a minimum of six graduates!


Casa 2 Staffing

As we near the end of another great year, we prepare ourselves emotionally to say goodbye to some wonderful people who have become a very special part of our lives.  We must bid farewell to the graduates and to the children who will not be returning next year… although we always love when they stop in to say hello in the coming years!  This year, we will also say goodbye to a staff member who has given us extraordinary commitment for the second year in a row.  I am sure you all know, from listening to your children’s stories, how much the children adore Lisa, and vice versa.  Lisa stepped into the assistant role earlier this year when that staff member was offered another job, closer to her home.  We have been so blessed to have Lisa with us.  We, of course, wish her the very best as she will be able to spend more time with her children and volunteering- two of her greatest passions.  Thank you, Lisa, for your dedication and for sharing your gifts with us and the children! 

With that said, we are excited to begin the search for next year’s assistants- and we need your help!  Do you know someone who could possibly be a great fit at JMS??  Please send them our way!  We will be looking to fill one full-time position and one part-time position.  Applicants must have some experience working with children (in some capacity).  Experience with the Montessori philosophy is not required- staff will be trained in this area!  Please spread the word and help us fill the Casa 2 team!  


On the Calendar

           Monday, May 25th: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)

           Friday, May 29th: JMS End-of-the-Year Picnic in the evening (families welcome; location)

           Thursday, June 4th: Last Day of School; graduation ceremony for the graduates; all students dismissed at 12:00 pm.



Taryn and Lisa, Casa 2