Casa I News

Dear Families,

I'm so glad we're able to enjoy outdoor time as much as possible. It's great to see some children digging in the sandbox, playing with trucks, running, climbing, playing ball and all the things the outdoor brings.

This is also the time when some children complain about feeling more tired, and some body aches due to large muscle activities and sports. Keeping a simple morning and night routine as well as preparing the night before what your child is going to need in the morning will save you time and a few more bumps during these routines. Also, try to take a few more deep breaths and try not to overwhelm your self with to many activities.

All of this month we will be reviewing some new skills to better help the children during the transition to first grade or their next learning experience.

Spanish Vocabulary:

mayo - May

Escuela - school

Verano - summer

Pajaros - birds



May 25th - No school

May 29th - Picnic

June 1st - Game day (Bring your favorite game to share)

June 2nd - Pajamas day/optional.

June 3rd - Friendship fruit salad. (Bring your favorite fruit for the salad)

June 4th - Graduation (School closes at 12:00)


Summer Birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday, we would like to celebrate it on certain days in May and June. Watch for your child's birthday sheet.


Kind regards,

Maria & Brandi