Toddler Community News

Welcome back from Spring Break Everyone!

I hope you were able to enjoy time together as a family. It has been fun hearing from the children about some of the things that they did. Some took trips, some got to stay with grandparents, and some watched movies “all day”. Needless to say, we take every story with a grain of salt- we assume about half of what we hear is actually true! That’s not to say that we think the children are lying; we just know that their perception of events and how they are able to communicate it is still developing. I remember when my daughter was a toddler and I let her have some soda at a family get-together. She spent the next week telling everyone we met, “Mom gave me strawberry beer!”

The same can be said for what you hear about things that happen at school. A toddler can be very affected by a seemingly small event and communicate it in such a way that what actually happened sounds awful or amazing! The children in our community have become quite close and really enjoy being together. I’m sure you get to hear about your child’s friends and things that happen during their day. We try write any fun comments your child said on the daily sheet that we send home with them. If anything negative happens, we will send home an accident/injury report. If at any time you’re confused or worried about something your child has said, let us know and we can help clarify what happened.

Weather and outside time: It finally seems like Spring has arrived! We are looking forward to going outside on a regular basis. Please take a minute to check the weather before you drop off your child and send whatever outdoor gear you’d like them to wear. Our outdoor areas do get muddy when it’s been raining; rain boots are perfect!

Lynn, Amy, and Barb

Dates to Remember:

April 24: In-house field trip with Lowry Nature Center

April 30: Classroom Picture Day

May 25: No School – Memorial Day