Casa I News

Dear Families,

Long awaited spring is finally here. We are hoping for more enjoyable outdoor weather so the children can be outdoors as much as possible. We intend to go on nature walks and observe budding trees. At the same time, the children will be learning parts of the tree, leaf and flower.

Also, we will be going on garbage hunts this month and learn about keeping our environment clean, especially on April 22nd.

We will have a busy month working and learning many new things with the help of our student teacher Pryiadarshani from the MTCM. Also, we welcome Nicolas and his family to Casa 1.

With the nice weather and daylight hours in the afternoon, children can be very excited to get outside, with or without you! Therefore, please keep a close eye on your child and make sure that during departure time they hold your hand all the way to the car.

Spanish Vocabulary:

La lluvia                    rain

Abril                          April

La tormenta            storm

Nublado                    cloudy



Friday, April 24th - we will have some exciting visitors from Lowry Nature Center.  Your child will need rain boots to go outside.

Thursday, April 30th - Classroom Picture Day. Please be on time, as the photo shoot will start promptly at 9 AM. There will be no re-takes, if your child is absent this day, he/she will not be included in the group photo.

~~~ If you have some extra seeds to donate for our garden, feel free to send them with your child.~~~

 Have a lovely month!

Maria & Brandi