Casa II News

Casa 2 parents,

What a busy few weeks we’ve had around JMS!  Between welcoming our new student teacher, getting ready for the Jazz event, and preparing for conferences, I’m looking forward to a less eventful spring!  I enjoyed observing you with your children at Parent Night!  The children were especially proud of themselves as they showed you around.  It was great to see such happiness fill the room that evening!  Thank you to every Casa 2 family who helped make this year’s Jazz for JMS event a huge success!  Whether you helped by donating, preparing for the event, or by coming out and enjoying the evening with us, THANK YOU!!

Spring Clothing
We couldn’t be happier to watch the snow melt away and to start getting ready for spring!  Just a reminder: our playground and courtyard area will remain wet for the next couple of weeks.  Please continue to send snow pants and rain boots every day until the ground dries up.  If it is too warm, we will skip the snow pants and, instead, go for a nice walk along the Jonathan trails surrounding the school.  Rain boots are very important, please continue to send them!  Also, it’s best to dress in layers during the upcoming months, as our lovely Minnesota weather tends to fluctuate!  We will have our classroom windows open whenever possible to welcome the fresh air, but that means the temperature of the classroom will fluctuate, also.  Thanks for helping to keep your child comfortable at school!

Farewell, Miranda!
Today Miranda completes her three week internship at JMS.  Hopefully you have heard from your child about the presentations they have received from her.  Miranda thoroughly enjoyed this special time with the children, as it gave her a little break from the very intense training program at the Montessori Center of Minnesota, located in St. Paul.  Our next intern, also from MCM, will begin right after spring break.  

Jazz for JMS
Our annual Jazz for JMS event was a great success!  The children worked hard on their projects and are so proud of the finished pieces!  I hope you all had a moment to look at their beautiful works of art.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, bid on the auction and helped with the organization, set-up and take down of the party.  You are all so very much appreciated!

Parent Volunteers
I assume most of you have heard a bit about Wooly Mammoths in the past few weeks, all thanks to “Grandpa Pete,” who came in and shared a very memorable morning with the children!  Please take a look at the photos from this educational experience that the children enjoyed so much!  Thank you, Pete!

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting with those of you who came in for conferences last week.  For those of you who haven’t signed up yet, I’d still like to schedule a phone conference in the upcoming weeks, to ensure that we get a chance to discuss your child’s progress.  Please contact me with some available times so we can get this on the calendar before spring break.

Planning for Next Year
As many of you know, it will soon be time to make decisions regarding your child’s future at JMS.  Re-enrollment information will be coming home soon, and you get to decide whether or not your child continues their journey in Montessori education.  I am, of course, hoping all of our children (minus the graduates) return for another year in Casa 2!  From what I’ve heard, almost all of you have already made the decision to return… THANK YOU!!  It is very important, for MANY reasons, for children to finish their experience through the Kindergarten year.  If you have any questions, especially if trying to decide between half day or full day, please contact me right away! 

On the Calendar
    Tuesday, March 17th: Casa 2 Conferences Session #2
    Friday, March 27th-Friday, April 3rd: NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)
Taryn and Lisa