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Toddler Community News


It’s February!

We have been working very hard to stay healthy! Several children missed a few days in January due to fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, or a combination of these. It took a week or two before we had everyone back at school and boy, did that feel good! I know how hard it is to have a sick child- they feel terrible, and you feel terrible because you’re worried about them and, in many cases, because you have to miss work…you may feel like you’re letting your coworkers down, you may not have planned on using your time off to stay home, or you may feel pressure from work to be back as soon as possible. I have felt all of those things in my 16 years as a parent. So for those of you who had a sick child last month and kept them home- you are awesome! Really, you are! You may not have felt like you were doing anything that extraordinary, but your day-to-day commitment to your children is so important and valuable. For what it’s worth, you are all Everyday Heroes in my book!

We are excited to be welcoming 3 new children to our community in January and February. We welcomed Logan last month and we will welcome Carolina and Cora in February. I hope you will get a chance to meet their families soon.

Help Wanted: I’m sure all of you have heard about Jazz for JMS in March. This is a very important, and REALLY fun, event for our school. The children in each of the casas create items to be sold at the silent auction and we would love for the toddlers to participate as well! We need someone to help coordinate a craft or food item that our room can make to contribute to Jazz for JMS. Please let me know if you are able to help!

Dates and Details to Remember:

February 16 – No School, President’s Day

February 25 – Parent Check-in during drop-off

March 7 – Jazz for JMS

Lynn, Amy, and Barb