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Casa III News

Dear Casa III Families,

It is hard to believe that it is already February!  I hope your families are enjoying all that winter in Minnesota has to offer. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I would like to take advantage of this holiday to converse about celebrating friendship and love for one another. This week it seems like we have been reinforcing more than usual the grace and courtesy presentations.  We have been giving many reminders on how to be kind to each other, and providing the words so they can express their feelings in a respectful manner to their friends.

On Friday, February 13th, the children are welcome to bring valentines to share with their friends at school. This is optional, as some children may not be interested in participating. If they do want to bring them, please be sure there is one for each classmate -we have 19 children in Casa 3. They can be signed by your child, but we ask that they not be addressed to particular children since the children cannot yet read all the names. The children will be embellishing their own paper bags at school so they can collect and bring home their valentines. We steer clear of any candy though, and instead focus on the many ways we can show friendship, caring and love for one another on this special day and every other day during the year.

On a related note, in order to minimize conflicts and distractions among the children, I’d like to request that you NOT send your child to school with toys, bedding, decorative hair accessories and clothing with any animated characters since it has recently been the source of multiple arguments. 

Lastly, I would like you to know that there is some illness going around, so please make sure to notify the office if your child will not be in attendance that day.  To keep the illness from spreading, the child’s temperature needs to be normal and they should not have vomited or have had diarrhea for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Sharon, Willow and Maria