Casa I News

Dear Families,
We are only one month into the new year, but it has been an exciting month! We would love to welcome Karson and his family to Casa 1 and to our JMS community.  Please take some time to say hello to him and his famiy. The children are looking forward getting to know Karson, and I'm glad they will have more social opportunities as our class slowly grows.  The children are learning to be flexible with existing friends and are discovering ways to interact with and include new friends. We take each situation as a learning opportunity for all of us.

Valentine’s Day will provide us more opportunities to celebrate friendships and show kindness towards each other.  The official holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so we will be celebrating at school on Friday, February 13.  The children may bring valentines for their classmates if they wish, and may decorate a box or bag at home to carry their valentines home. If they choose to give valentines, please make sure there is one valentine for every classmate- we have 17 children in Casa I.  We ask that the envelopes not be addressed to specific classmates, but rather left blank.  Please also refrain from sending candy. We will work with the children to find other ways to express their friendship for one another. 
In other wonderful news, Madison’s mother Ana is going to return to lead Zumba with the children again! The children love to move to the rhythm of the music and this experience is something they look forward to and enjoy every time. All the Casas are invited!
Once again, please do share your talents with us! We love when grandparents,  moms or dads stop by the Casa. Also, the classroom Reading Sign-Up Sheet is on the bulletin board. Please come in and sign up for a Friday that works for you. The times are 11:00 a.m. or 2:15 p.m. We encourage you to share short stories about your own family, your trips, accomplishments or just your favorite family book. Children enjoy books about animals, poems, other cultures, sports, history and geography. The stories should be short, give truth and reality, yet should appeal to the children's sense of humor and sympathy.  Thank you!
Friday, Feb. 13th - Valentine’s Day celebration

Monday, Feb.16th - No School (Observing President's Day)

Thursday, Feb. 19th - Parent Night 
Spanish Vocabulary
febrero              February
amor                  love
amigos               friends
dar                      to give
Kind regards,
Maria & Brandi