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Hello Toddler Families!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  December brings the snow and the holiday season to our Toddler Community.  They add a special vibrancy to our environment. Here are a few thoughts on both to help us all enjoy December to its fullest!

Snow and Weather
Minnesota offers us such a nice variety of seasons and weather experiences!  Winter and especially the snow are exciting to the children and we love to get outside and be a part of the elements.  Our outdoor environment takes on a new feel in the winter. We bring out the snow shovels and our toy trucks begin hauling the snow instead of the sand and mulch.  We make trails, snow angels, and snowmen.  The children discover (and learn) how cold the snow is when they take off their mittens or boots.  Of course, the adults patiently get them bundled up again. 

Winter is much more fun when dressed appropriately.  Please remember to send the following with your toddler each day!

  • winter coat
  • snow pants
  • winter boots
  • hat and scarf or neck warmer
  • mittens – here’s a repeat of the info about mittens…

MITTENS:  Oh, this is the tricky item for toddlers!  They want to use their thumbs when playing and will take them off continually if they do not fit properly.  If the mittens are too big they will either fall off or there will be too much air in the mitten to keep the child's hands warm.  What we have found works best is a pair of small knit gloves for autumn weather and then for winter double knit mittens.  The kind that work the best are called "Toddler Magic Insulated Mittens".  You can find them on Amazon and they come in a pack of 6 pair for $14.99.  These work well even in the snow!!  We do have a few pairs of these mittens as extras.

If your toddler stays until 11:45 we will send them home in all of their gear since they will be picked up outside.  If your toddler stays all day you may leave an entire set of winter wear to leave in their cubbies.

Holidays and Toddlers
In the coming month, many of you will be celebrating a variety of holidays.  Holidays and toddlers can be both magical and challenging!  Toddlers are most successful with a calm, consistent schedule…something the holidays do not always provide!  The most important thing to remember is be patient – not easy to do, but try your best.

  1. Calm, consistent schedule.  Guests, travel, traditions, gifts, outings…lots of changes!  These all contribute to a change in the normal routine of your toddler.  When you can, try and follow your normal routine for bedtime.  When you can’t that’s OK, it’s also important for your toddler to experience flexibility.  Remember to be patient!
  2. Us adults and parents are often more busy and stressed during this holiday time.  Yes…Guests, travel, traditions, gifts, outings change the adults’ schedule too and usually add to it!  It’s important to remember this and take a deep breath before taking action with your toddler.  Be patient with yourself! And again, recognize your added stress and be patient with your toddler.
  3. Enjoy your family time!  The holidays also bring some well needed time off from the busy family schedule of work, school, and extracurricular activities.  Take time to enjoy your toddler and some family time!  Yes and again, be patient!

Have a happy December!
Amy and Teresa

***Reminder that school is off from December 23 to January 1.  Children return back to school on January 4***

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