Casa I News

Dear Families,

We are finding ourselves very thankful for an enjoyable autumn so far! But remember the weather change daily, as well as your child’s needs. Please label your child’s warmer clothing. 

It was nice to talk to some of you during conference about your child’s experience, progress and concerns here at JMS. I’m looking forward meeting with the rest of you soon. The children are working nicely and seem to feel grand regarding their accomplishments!

Also, many exciting things will happen during this month. The children will be learning about the story of thanksgiving, Pilgrims, the importance of family, friendship, helping and sharing with the less fortunate.  We will also have our Thanks Giving Feast, please check your child’s home folder for more details.

November                                 Re-takes
November 17th                        Fieldtrip
November 24                           Feast

Spanish Vocabulary:
noviembre                                 November
Dia de gracias                            Thanksgiving
Pavo                                            turkey
Compartir                                   to share

Have a happy and safe holiday!
Maria & Jennie
“This tendency fulfills the need for social interaction let to the development of language to express needs, emotions, thoughts and instructions. The child achieves physical independence when he/she learns to walk and mental independence when he/she learns to communicate”.  (Standing, Maria Montessori: Her life and work)