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Toddler Community News

Welcome to December everyone! Can you believe a third of the school year is behind us? Your children have been so busy that it just seems like the time is flying right by us. Milestones, both big and small, have been reached by every child since the beginning of the year. I hope you’ve been aware of the changes in your child over the past few months.

It is truly awesome to watch the amazing power of the brain in children this age. The way they are able to learn during their toddler years is unlike any other stage of development- and they aren’t even aware they are doing it! When a toddler engages in an activity it is not with a conscious decision to learn a specific skill or new vocabulary. They don’t walk into the room and think to themselves, “I’m going to choose the language cards today because I want to learn the names of flowers.” They are drawn to the activities because of their innate desire to experience and interact with the world around them. Their brains function in a way that allow them to learn by doing- of course we all learn by doing, but as we get older the way in which we learn changes. Children become aware or conscious that they are learning; adults read or take classes to learn new things. For example, what would you say if I told you that you had to become fluent in a language without taking a class or doing any reading in 3 years’ time? How about learning 2 languages? This is exactly what young children do. The majority of children are fluent in their 1st language by the time they are 3 years old- and those who live in a bilingual home use 2 languages. Some live in a bilingual home and a 3rd language is spoken in the culture outside the home. The 3rd language will not be as well learned by age 3, but usually by age 6. This is truly evidence of phenomenal brain power!! If only it lasted longer!

We often use the words “school” and “classroom” when we talk about our room, but it really isn’t either of those. Take a look at the top of the newsletter…a “community” is really what our room is. Our goal is that the children gain a strong foundation of knowing that they are each part of our community, that they contribute to it every day, that this place is here to support them, and that their needs will be met (physically, emotionally, intellectually). My wish for the season is that every child could feel this way!

Dates and Details to Remember:

December 17: Monthly Check-in, I will be available to talk with you during drop-off time to do a quick check-in on how your child is doing and answer any questions you have about their development

December 24 – January 4: No School – Winter Break

Please remember to keep your child home when they are sick! As much as we wash our hands and clean the room, if a child comes to school sick the rest of the children are very likely to become sick as well. Your fellow parents thank you!

Some of you have asked about giving holiday or birthday gifts for the room in honor of their child. I will post a “Wish List” on the bulletin board outside the room. Thank you for thinking of us!

As always, let me know if there’s a specific topic you’d like to see discussed in the newsletter or if you’d like to talk in person.


Lynn, Amy and Barb