JMS is proud to hold a strong authentic Montessori educational philosophy that recognizes that children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development are all interrelated. In the Jonathan Montessori environments the children are allowed to respond to their natural drive to learn, allowing the teacher to guide each child's own pace and rhythm and to give them personalized guidance where needed. Each child is respected as a unique personality and as an important, responsible member of a community.

Young children take in a tremendous amount of information from their environment with what Maria Montessori called "the absorbent mind." The programs at JMS provide enriching hands-on learning experiences with specially formulated Montessori materials for:

  • Mathematics
  • Languages
  • Sensorial Exploration
  • Practical Life
  • Art
  • Science
  • Geography

Making choices and using coordinated movements to accomplish tasks leads the child toward self-regulation and self-control. Our children develop observation and problem-solving skills by manipulating, experimenting and discovering. This allows their minds to move from concrete thinking to the abstract concepts that prepares them for the more complex studies of elementary school.

Montessori vs. Traditional Education


Based on the transfer of a national curriculum

Children learn from a set curriculum according to a preset time frame

Children are taught by the teacher

Learning is based on subjects and based on what is given

Children sit at desks using worksheets and white boards

Class is teacher led

Motivation through rewards and punishments

Block time, period lessons

Single-graded Classrooms


Based on the development of the child

Children follow their own interests and learn at their own pace

Children teach themselves via specially prepared materials

Children develop their ability to discover for themselves

Learning based on physical exploration of environment

Teacher works with children

Intrinsic Motivation

Uninterrupted work flow

Multi-age Classrooms


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