School Closures/Delays

If there is a possibility for a school closure or a late start please watch for Eastern Carver County 112 school district for the up todate information.  If a closure or delay has been announced we will post it on Facebook and send an email as soon as we are aware.  If this happens in the middle of the night please know a post or email may not go out until the morning so please check the news as your first source.  

Office Email

Please make sure you have the office email saved as well as the director email.  Newsletters and some reminders will come from the director email but almost everything else will come from the office email.  Things such as, sickness reports, policies and procedure updates, event updates, school closures and delays, signups, registration information, board information, and much more will come from the office email.  You will be missing a lot of information if you are not receiving the emails from  office (at) jonathanmontessori (dot) org.


We are looking for SUBSTITUTES!!! We have been very fortunate to have a couple very reliable and consistent subs but our list is very short and that makes the second half of the year hard.  If you are interested in knowing more details about subbing for JMS there will be an informational meeting on January 3rd at 9 a.m. in the conference room at JMS.  All are welcome and please bring a friend if you think you know someone that might be interested also.  

Help Raise Funds for JMS

1) Give to JMS

If you would like to give directly to JMS we now have a DONATE button on the front page of the website.  There is now a place where people can donate to JMS online.   Instead of sending out letters and then having to send them back to JMS, we are asking our community to share that button with their friends and families.  


2) Sponsor JMS 5k run/walk 

For all business owners - Are you looking for sponsorship opportunities? JMS 5k sponsorship form is up! We give our JMS community members & their friends and families first dibs on the sponsorships available. Be a part of our amazing run on Sunday, May 6.  Please pass this along to any business you think might be interested in being apart of this.  


3) Grants

JMS qualifies for the Hiawatha Education Grant, but we need your help! The purpose of this grant is to help non-profit Montessori's fill in the financial gaps for loss of Kindergarteners to free all day public Kindergarten and to provide a way to make our program available to all families regardless of income level.  JMS families in certain income brackets may not qualify for state assistance but may still qualify for the Basic Sliding-Fee Child Care Assistance and the free or reduced lunch program through their county. These programs are set for higher incomes to still qualify for some help.  For every child we have in our school that qualifies for any of these programs JMS will receive any where from $4800-$8000 annually/per child that qualifies.  This money is meant to be used to help our families and fill in tuition gaps for loss of Kindergarteners.  We do not ask our families to disclose any financial information at time of registration but we could be missing out on this grant because a family may think they do not qualify.…so we are asking you to take the steps to apply or call to see if you qualify no matter what you make. Taking these steps can be done in just a few minutes but could provide a huge financial gift to JMS to help in our efforts to provide more opportunities to better your child’s education and experience here at JMS.

The phone number to call for Carver County is (952) 361-1721

This page has all the information needed to get started in Carver County.   click here Carver County

Thank you to all of our families for your help in our fundraising efforts.  We can't do what we do without you. 


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Play date casa parent:  As we all know winter can get very long.  The cold weather keeps us trapped inside and the walls start caving in.  We are looking for a parent from each casa to set up playdates for their child’s casa through the rest of the school year and once person to set up all school playdates.  I have lots of ideas for this so please reach out to me if you are interested in being this person for your child’s casa.  

  • Two parent volunteers to work on the yearbook:  Every year the yearbook is put together by 1 parent volunteer.  This year I would like to see two parents partner on this.  It has proven to be too much for one person.  It is not a difficult task and we have a great resource to help.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping.  

Help Needed!

We are looking for a few items and thought we would reach out to our families to see if some of these items are laying around your homes and you would like to donate them before we purchase them.  A tax deduction receipt will be provided for your records.   

  • A good carpet vacuum.  Our cleaners have a fantastic vacuum for the hard floors but I am noticing it is not working so well on the rugs in the Casa’s.  

  • A desktop computer for our Guides and Assistance to use in the conference room.  The one we have been using is much past it’s life span and is more work to turn on than it is worth.  Nothing fancy.  Simple microsoft office applications and internet is all it will be used for.    



Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month

@ JMS from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. 


Brandi Hawthorne - Director

Sarah Johansson - President

Alison Ryan - Vice President

Nick Kemske - Secretary

Rose Gildor, Treasurer

Taryn Rice, Teacher

Megan Wylie, Teacher

Cody Fleischfresser, Parent

Joe Beckman - Parent

Jaime Pula, Parent

Chris Donato - Parent